We are in the first inning of the AI revolution. AI is fundamentally changing the world and creating new industries: computer vision, advanced AI algorithms, synthetic data, and on/off edge processing.

Marlinspike is a partner in the trenches to entrepreneurs. They hustle right alongside the company to drive success.

— Nathan Kundtz - Founder, Rendered AI

AI & Machine Learning Portfolio


Rendered.AI has built a platform as a service that allows users to build and access synthetic data, receive services and support, and integrate synthetic data capabilities into enterprise processes. Their platform is able to implement, train, tune, and refine AI solutions.

Kindo ai

Kindo ai (formerly Useable Machines) is the first self-serve Al platform that connects OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google Bard, Cohere Claude or any preferred AI model to your company’s data in a secure and private manner. Work efficiently with seamless Al search, connect up to 300+ SaaS integrations, and easily create no-code AI powered workflows.