Robots are driving Industrial Revolution 2.0. In space manufacturing, deep sea inspections, and “lights-out” factories are leading the charge.

The Marlinspike team knows how to help. They're a true partner!

— Dave Merrill - Elroy Air, CEO

Autonomy & Robotics Portfolio


Elroy Air

Elroy Air has produced an autonomous aerial cargo system capable of independent takeoffs and landings. The Chaparral will carry 300-500 pounds of cargo over a 300-mile range with its hybrid-electric powertrain and simple, redundant lift and forward-flight motors. They have already captured industry attention and are set to produce more than 500 aircraft for FedEx, Bristow Group, CVS Health, Raven Alaska, and LCI, among others.

Anduril Industries

Anduril is a technology company focused on autonomous solutions for national security and defense. Anduril is a software-first company, operating at speed to develop and acquire technologies across critical mission capabilities disrupting the Defense Industrial Base.